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Jean-Claude Picot Art Collection
Inspired by the Fauvist masters, Picot works in a Post-Impressionist manner reducing flowers, trees, houses and figures to their essential forms. All of his work is imbued with the same bright and cheerful character, and is instantly identifiable. Since 1947 he has exhibited in over 50 one-person shows throughout the world, including exhibitions in the United States, Belgium, Norway and Australia.

Since 1956, Jean Claude Picot has been a full... Full Biography.

La Promenade Photo La Promenade, Jean-Claude Picot
Theoule Photo Theoule, Jean-Claude Picot
L'ille Sainte Margourite Photo L'ille Sainte Margourite, Jean-Claude Picot
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Village Steps Photo Village Steps, Martin Roberts
Popeye Spinach Photo Popeye Spinach, King Features Syndicate
Mickey Mouse Photo Mickey Mouse, Gail Rodgers
Street Scene Photo Street Scene, Zule
Autumn Photo Autumn, Zina Roitman
Untitled Photo Untitled, Madani
The Finish Line Photo The Finish Line, Harry Schaare
Adolescent Serenade Photo Adolescent Serenade, Lu Hong
Napa Seven Photo Napa Seven, Thomas Stiltz
Lover's Dream Photo Lover's Dream, Zamy Steynovitz
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Invitations Photo Invitations, Susan Patricia
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Caddy with a Tattitude Photo Caddy with a Tattitude, Warner Brothers
Fruit of The Vine Photo Fruit of The Vine, John and Debora Scanlan
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