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Jean-Claude Picot Art Collection
Inspired by the Fauvist masters, Picot works in a Post-Impressionist manner reducing flowers, trees, houses and figures to their essential forms. All of his work is imbued with the same bright and cheerful character, and is instantly identifiable. Since 1947 he has exhibited in over 50 one-person shows throughout the world, including exhibitions in the United States, Belgium, Norway and Australia.

Since 1956, Jean Claude Picot has been a full... Full Biography.

Theoule Photo Theoule, Jean-Claude Picot
La Promenade Photo La Promenade, Jean-Claude Picot
L'ille Sainte Margourite Photo L'ille Sainte Margourite, Jean-Claude Picot
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The Best Seat Photo The Best Seat, Independent Artist
Hommage to Chagall Photo Hommage to Chagall, Alexander Astahov
Floral Gifts Photo Floral Gifts, Edna Hibel
Power Photo Power, Independent Artist
Mustang Grazing at Sunet Photo Mustang Grazing at Sunet, Independent Artist
Two-Tailed Pascha Photo Two-Tailed Pascha, Independent Artist
Helmcken Falls Photo Helmcken Falls, Independent Artist
Budding Photo Budding, Marisol Escobar
Daydream Away Photo Daydream Away, Susan Patricia
R7 Semyorka Intercontinental Ballistic Missle Photo R7 Semyorka Intercontinental Ballistic Missle, Independent Artist
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